About Diane

Catching Your Memories is a family-oriented service that helps you preserve special memories and stories — your own or a loved one’s.

Diane at MMC
1986 Interviewing former MaineHealth/MMC president Don McDowell

Hello, my name is Diane Atwood. I was a television reporter for many years and have interviewed thousands of people.

Here’s a short video of me on the news set back in the day with News Center Maine anchor Cindy Williams.

I was the health reporter at News Center for 23 years before becoming manager of marketing and public relations at Northern Light Mercy Hospital for nine years. I left Mercy in 2010 and soon after launched the Catching Health blog and podcast. You can read more about my background in my Catching Health bio.

The year before COVID hit, I was traveling across Maine interviewing people 60 and older about their lives and what it’s like to be getting older for my podcast. They told me wonderful stories about their childhoods, their time in the service, their families, their careers, and what makes it a good day for them. We talked about the stuff that really matters. Here’s a link if you would like to listen to some of those interviews: PODCAST INTERVIEWS.

Now, I know that not everyone feels like sharing their story for the public in a podcast, but what I discovered is that a lot of people would like to document their life stories for themselves or their families. I’ve often heard adult children say, “Mom or Dad have such wonderful stories that I wish I could record somehow.” But they never get around to it and unfortunately, many people miss the opportunity altogether.

One day, a friend asked if I’d ever thought of starting a business doing personal interviews with people and then giving them a recording to have as a keepsake. Well, I hadn’t…but she put the idea in my head, and it wouldn’t go away, so here we are! Happily, my husband Barry (a professional videographer) agreed to be my business partner and Catching Your Memories was born.

When you engage me to “catch your memories,” I will facilitate the conversation, asking all the right questions and paying close attention to the stories that are most meaningful to you and your family. The result will be a special recording that you can cherish and share with others for years to come.

To learn more about how Catching Your Memories works, click here: WHAT TO EXPECT.


If you are interested or have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.