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Catching Your Memories is a chance to preserve your special memories and stories either in a private interview or on the Catching Your Memories podcast. The interviews are conducted by Diane Atwood, a well-known and respected Maine-based former health reporter. Click on the picture for more information.



Your recorded interview is for anybody you want to share it with. Your children and grandchildren, other family members, friends, and future generations. It's for you to decide. Click on the picture for more information.



We make it easy. We can do the interview online or in person. We'll send you a private link to your recording, which you can download to your computer, along with a written transcript. Click on the picture for more information.

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What people are saying

John S.

"I hope that one day my grandchildren will view this video and have fond memories of their great grandmother with love and admiration. Thank you, Diane, for giving us the opportunity."

Linda S.

"Thank you so much for the video of my mother, Diane. It is so wonderful. I laughed, I cried, and my heart is so full just watching this."

Russ L.

"Only Diane could make me feel comfortable enough to tell stories about myself that may not have ever been told before. She has a unique ability to make you feel totally at ease, and knows how to ask the right questions."

Heather Miller

(In reference to a Conversations About Aging podcast interview.) "Lavon, my grandmother passed away today. She lived to be 102 years 7 months. We (her entire family) had no idea this interview existed. This is a treasure like no other. Thank you."

Nancy M.

"I wanted to have a recording of the sound of my mother's voice because that's something we didn't do with my father who passed in 2006. And we never shot videos in our family. I wish we had done this years ago."

Jim B.

"After my mother's death, it occurred to me that I am now the oldest surviving member of my family, and I wanted to record some of my memories. My daughter's reaction said it all. After watching it, she said, 'Wow, what a gift!' Thank you, Diane and Barry!"

Catching Your Memories Podcast

In addition to private interviews, at no cost, I also interview people for the Catching Your Memories podcast. Listen to an episode by clicking on a picture below or on the podcast link in the main menu.

David Atwood on a wonderful trip to France with Julia Child

It was the trip of a lifetime. In the early 1970s, WGBH-TV tapped David Atwood to not only direct Julia Child in her French Chef television show but also oversee filming segments with her in France. He shares some memories of those experiences on the Catching Your Memories podcast.

Leo Couture World War II Navy Veteran

One of the most profound experiences of Leo Couture's life was his time in the Navy. He spent it on a ship in the South Pacific during WWII. At 17, he didn't know fear, but it wasn't long before it became an ever-present companion. He shares his story on the Catching Your Memories podcast

Jen Boggs on being a mother

When you become a parent, time seems to speed by. One minute you're holding your newborn and before you know it, they're off on their own. So many memories. Jen Boggs. mother of a 12-year-old, shares some of hers.

Liz Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson is not only curious about things — lots of things — she actually pursues most of them. She's an interesting, energetic, inspiring woman.

Hazell Jacobs, 86

When COVID forced a lockdown in London in early March, Hazell Jacobs knew she had to find something to help her cope. She found inspiration in her vast scarf collection.

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