Tips for a successful video recording

  • Use a stand, a pile of books, whatever you have, to raise your device so that the camera (usually at the top of the device) is at eye level.
  • When you speak, look into the camera, not at the middle of the monitor or other people on the call.
  • Don’t sit too close or too far away from the screen
  • Don’t wear a top with a busy pattern, clunky jewelry, or big dangly earrings because they may be distracting and/or noisy.
  • Ideally, sit facing a window so that it lights your face. The bigger the window, the better. Never sit with your back to the window or you risk looking like a silhouette. If you have no choice, set up a soft light directed at your face. Don’t use overhead lighting because it can produce unflattering shadows on your face.
  • Scrutinize the space you are in and what can be seen around and behind you. Neaten things up or move items out of the view of the camera. When I am able to see you and your background (as your camera sees it) I may have suggestions to help make things look even better.
  • Choose a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted or distracted in any way.
  • Make sure your phone, emails, and any other notifications are silent.
  • Take a deep breath and just be yourself. Yes, you may be on camera, but imagine that instead of recording our conversation, you are face to face with a loved one telling them your wonderful stories. I remember when I started out on television, I would get nervous in front of the camera or doing a live shot. Someone told me to just imagine I was talking to someone I was close to. It worked. I’d imagine I was talking to my beloved grandmother, which immediately calmed me down and also prompted me to speak more naturally. Really, that is what you’re doing — talking to the people you are close to. When you look into the camera, imagine they are there with you.
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