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Loring Newcomb Catching Your Memories

My friend Lee often talks about her Dad and how at 94 he still lives alone, drives his car, goes to the gym, and tries to be as active as he can. His given name is Loring Newcomb, but everybody knows him as Bob. When Lee suggested that I interview him for my Conversations About Aging podcast, I agreed, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The three of us met at his apartment. Bob and I sat on the couch and Lee was close by in case she needed to fill in any details. You’ll hear her voice in the background, but not very often. In fact, she found out a few things about her dad that she didn’t know.

What a wonderful project this is, traveling around Maine, listening to people’s stories about their lives and what it’s like to be a little older now. I’m all the richer for it, and I hope you will be, too.

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A few pictures

Bob Newcomb with his daughter Lee
Bob with his daughter Lee
Bob Newcomb working out at Basics Fitness Center
Working out at Basics Fitness Center
Bob Newcomb working in the garden
In the garden


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