Leona Chasse, 95

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Leona Chasse Catching Your Memories

Leona Chasse has traveled around the world, but home is Cornish, Maine. She was born in 1924. Calvin Coolidge was president. The month after she came into the world, Rhapsody in Blue, by George Gershwin, was performed for the first time. That year, J. Edgar Hoover was appointed head of the FBI, New York City hosted the first-ever Macy’s Day parade, and Nellie Ross was elected governor of Wyoming, the first woman governor in the United States. Twenty years later, in 1944, Leona was in the Navy, part of a secret mission that helped bring World War Two to an end. When we met, she was eager to talk about her life, then and now. You’re going to love listening to her.

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A few pictures

Leona (L) and her older sister
Leona as a teenager
Leona’s Navy uniform
A bombe/Source: National Security Agency
A coconut Leona sent her mother from Hawaii
A passport photo of Leona and her son Michael
Looking through memorabilia
Leona Chasse, now and then

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