Dr. Bill Taylor, 97

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Bill Taylor Catching Your Memories

Dr. Bill Taylor packed away his windsurfer when he was 92. Didn’t have the perfect balance he needed anymore. He didn’t pack away his zest for life, though. Now 97, he lives at Highland Green in Topsham until it’s warm enough to drive down to his camp in Waterboro. That’s right, drive. He also drives every Sunday to Unity Center for Spiritual Growth in Windham. What drives Bill? Curiosity, he told me.

He talks about that curiosity, the lure of windsurfing, some of the adventures he’s had these past 97 years, and love in the latest episode of Conversations About Aging, a Catching Health with Diane Atwood special series.

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Some pictures

Dr. Bill Taylor, podcast, aging, memory
Bill at camp
Dr. Bill Taylor windsurfing, podcast, aging, memory
Bill windsurfing
Dr. Bill Taylor's wife windsurfing, podcast, aging, memory
His late wife Maggie windsurfing
Dr. Bill Taylor windsurfing award, podcast, aging, memory
Dr. Bill Taylor and wife Maggie, podcast, aging, memory
Maggie and Bill
Dr. Bill Taylor family reunion, podcast, aging, memory
Taylor reunion in front of the old family house
Words that Maggie lived by and Bill does, too
Dr. Bill Taylor on computer, podcast, aging, memory
Keyboard and ukulele, podcast, aging, memory
Bill’s keyboard and ukulele — good for the soul and the brain
Bill behind the wheel after taking a refresher course with Heather Shields. Read all about it in Should you still be driving?
Taylor, Frey, Leavitt House/Museum


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