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Bill Saltzer Catching Your Memories

At 93, Bill Saltzer is still an active man. Up until last winter, he was living alone in the house he had shared with his wife until she passed away several years ago. But his children were worried about him and had been urging him to move into an assisted living facility. He fell while shoveling and hurt his back. After that, he decided maybe his kids were right. In the latest episode of Conversations About Aging, a Catching Health special series, he talks about his decision to move and what it’s been like for him. He also reminisces about his time in the Marines during World War II.

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A few pictures

Bill Saltzer and his family/podcast, aging, memory
Bill and his four children
Bill Saltzer medals, Conversation, aging, podcast, memory
Bill when he was in the Marines and a few of the medals he earned
Bill Saltzer, Conversation, Aging, podcast, memory
Bill loves to read
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